Episode 105



25 July 2022

26 mins 29 secs

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About this Episode

✓ Šta je ekstremistan?
✓ Koja je veza između ergodiciteta i neželjenih dejstava lekova?
✓ Kako zaraditi na berzi?

Episode Links

  • Real World Risk Institute — We are about risk taking (front office) not just something called "risk management" (back office), which should never be separated from decision-making. Some academo-bureaucrats with something to prove have an incentive to make things look complicated, while real world risk takers with skin in the game do not have such insecurity; they are not ashamed of making those things that are simple simple! The real world require vastly more rigor than textbooks and it is a different type of rigor. Most of all risk requires maximal clarity of mind.