Episode 120



7 November 2022

37 mins 20 secs

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About this Episode

✓ Da li afantazija zaista postoji ili je u pitanju samo nesporazum?
✓ Zašto je došlo do bunta verifikovanih Tviteraša?
✓ Kada Tvitera ne bi bilo, da li bismo mogli ponovo da ga izmislimo?

Episode Links

  • Aphantasia - Wikipedia — Aphantasia is the inability to voluntarily create mental images in one's mind. The phenomenon was first described by Francis Galton in 1880 but has since remained relatively unstudied. Interest in the phenomenon renewed after the publication of a study in 2015 conducted by a team led by Professor Adam Zeman of the University of Exeter. Zeman's team coined the term aphantasia, derived from the ancient Greek word phantasia (φᾰντᾰσῐ́ᾱ), which means "imagination", and the prefix a- (ᾰ̓-), which means "without".