Episode 40



26 April 2021

31 mins 55 secs

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Video ima Netflix i Youtube, Muzika ima Spotify i Apple Music, a šta imaju naučni radovi? Trebaju li nauci agregatori, ili je problem što ih već ima previše?

Episode Links

  • Sci-Hub - Wikipedia — Sci-Hub is a shadow library website that provides free access to millions of research papers and books, without regard to copyright, by bypassing publishers' paywalls in various ways.
  • Defining Aggregators – Stratechery by Ben Thompson — Aggregation Theory describes how platforms (i.e. aggregators) come to dominate the industries in which they compete in a systematic and predictable way. Aggregation Theory should serve as a guidebook for aspiring platform companies, a warning for industries predicated on controlling distribution, and a primer for regulators addressing the inevitable antitrust concerns that are the endgame of Aggregation Theory.
  • Publish houses of brick, not mansions of straw : Nature News & Comment — I worry about sloppiness in biomedical research: too many published results are true only under narrow conditions, or cannot be reproduced at all. The causes are diverse, but what I see as the biggest culprit is hardly discussed. Like the proverbial boiled frog that failed to leap from a slowly warming pot of water, biomedical researchers are stuck in a system in which the amount of data and number of claims in individual papers has gradually risen over decades. Moreover, the goal of a paper seems to have shifted from validating specific conclusions to making the broadest possible assertions. The danger is that papers are increasingly like grand mansions of straw, rather than sturdy houses of brick.
  • Alexey Guzey — I work on building New Science and I spend the majority of my time thinking how to make life sciences research better and what the future of academia looks like. If you’re reading this and you do anything biology-related at all, I would love to talk to you and would especially appreciate you getting in touch.