Episode 82



14 February 2022

28 mins 59 secs

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About this Episode

✓ Koja je optimalna dužina sna?
✓ Zašto treba biti skeptičan prema nauci o spavanju?
✓ Kako preživeti dežurstvo?

Episode Links

  • Matthew Walker's "Why We Sleep" Is Riddled with Scientific and Factual Errors - Alexey Guzey — Any book of Why We Sleep’s length is bound to contain some factual errors. Therefore, to avoid potential concerns about cherry-picking the few inaccuracies scattered throughout, in this essay, I’m going to highlight the five most egregious scientific and factual errors Walker makes in Chapter 1 of the book. This chapter contains 10 pages and constitutes less than 4% of the book by the total word count.
  • Theses on Sleep - Alexey Guzey — In this essay, I question some of the consensus beliefs about sleep, such as the need for at least 7 hours of sleep for adults, harmfulness of acute sleep deprivation, and harmfulness of long-term sleep deprivation and our inability to adapt to it.
  • New Science — New Science is a 501c3 research nonprofit with the mission to facilitate scientific breakthroughs by empowering the next generation of scientists and building the 21st century institutions of basic science.