Episode 83



21 February 2022

52 mins 50 secs

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About this Episode

✓ Za kakve probleme prvog sveta je zaslužna loša korisnička usluga Epla i Amazona?
✓ Ima li firmi na internetu koje ne žele da nas iskoriste?
✓ Kako je Filip K Dik predvideo sadašnji trenutak?

Episode Links

  • Scripting News: The iPhone 13 epilog — As I reported yesterday, the iPhone 13 Pro arrived yesterday. So the embarrassing saga is over. Now I want to clean up, by finishing the story.
  • Daring Fireball: The New Siri Remote (and Updated Apple TV 4K) — The new aluminum Siri Remote that ships with the new 2nd generation Apple TV 4K looks, feels, and acts like the black Siri Remote never happened. I mean, just look at the three of them: the new aluminum Siri Remote looks like the direct successor to the 2012 Apple Remote. Hallelujah.
  • Hypercritical: An Unsolicited Streaming App Spec — I subscribe to a lot of streaming video services, and that means I use a lot of streaming video apps. Most of them fall short of my expectations. Here, then, is a simple specification for a streaming video app. Follow it, and your app will be well on its way to not sucking.
  • Rogue Amoeba | More Info On Rogue Amoeba — Rogue Amoeba is a privately held software company, based in the USA with offices around the globe. Since 2002, we've been making tools to assist you with all your audio needs on MacOS. In that time, we've delighted millions of users and earned some of the highest honors in the industry.
  • What Is the Dark UX? — Self-interested brands use tricky web design tactics designed to deceive website viewers for their own gain. These tactics are called dark UX or dark patterns
  • darkpatterns.org on Twitter: "How Adobe tricks users into a 12 month contract. Thread." / Twitter
  • Old Friends. New Fun (Facebook / Meta - Superbowl reklama)
  • Ubik - Wikipedia — Ubik (/ˈjuːbɪk/ YOO-bik) is a 1969 science fiction novel by American writer Philip K. Dick. The story is set in a future 1992 where psychic powers are utilized in corporate espionage, while cryonic technology allows recently deceased people to be maintained in a lengthy state of hibernation. It follows Joe Chip, a technician at a psychic agency who, after an assassination attempt, begins to experience strange alterations in reality that can be temporarily reversed by a mysterious store-bought substance called Ubik.
  • Four kinds of knowing: John Vervaeke and a more grounded way to grow - YouTube — Sazetak novih pogleda na vrste znanja / mudrosti - metafizika uklopljena u nova znanja iz neuronauka. Vise u odlicnoj seriji John Vervaeke-a (psiholog sa Univ u Torontu): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54l8_ewcOlY