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✓ Na koliko načina se može završiti Maskova Tviter saga?
✓ Ko ima neskrivenu želju za američkom monarhijom?
✓ Zašto Bezos i Til imaju kuće u Vašingtonu?

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  • Priključenija 44: Mask — Da li je Elon Mask ho(h)štapler ili vizionar? Koje su prednosti i mane eksponiranog CEO-a? Ima li nečega dobrog među Maskovim projektima?
  • Priključenija 28: Tviter
  • 420 (cannabis culture) - Wikipedia — 420, 4:20, or 4/20 (pronounced four-twenty) is cannabis culture slang for marijuana and hashish consumption, especially smoking around the time 4:20 p.m., and also refers to cannabis-oriented celebrations that take place annually on April 20 (which is 4/20 in U.S. form). At locations in the United States where cannabis is legal, cannabis dispensaries will often offer discounts on their products on April 20.
  • Priključenija 59: Generacija — ✓ Zašto plaćati sportistima za osvojenu olimpijsku medalju? ✓ Ko može da priušti sebi Roleks? ✓ U čijem dvorištu raste drvo sa parama?
  • What Peter Thiel, J.D. Vance, and Others Are Learning From Curtis Yarvin and the New Right | Vanity Fair — They’re not MAGA. They’re not QAnon. Curtis Yarvin and the rising right are crafting a different strain of conservative politics.
  • Curtis Yarvin, Political Theorist - Tablet Magazine — How computer programmer Curtis Yarvin became America’s most controversial political theorist
  • Jeff Bezos on Twitter: "Interesting question. Did the Chinese government just gain a bit of leverage over the town square?" / Twitter — Apropos of something: -Tesla's second-biggest market in 2021 was China (after the US) -Chinese battery makers are major suppliers for Tesla's EVs. -After 2009, when China banned Twitter, the government there had almost no leverage over the platform -That may have just changed
  • Jeff Bezos on Twitter: "Agree — this is a fascinating piece — no one drawn as a cartoon. Thanks for the link and reco." / Twitter — This Vanity Fair article on the "New Right" by @jhensonpogue is so conspicuously different because he does something so rare for modern journalism: he wrote about controversial thought/people to understand and explain it, not prove he's on the Good Side:
  • Conspiracy: Peter Thiel, Hulk Hogan, Gawker, and the Anatomy of Intrigue: Holiday, Ryan: 9780735217645: Books - Amazon — In 2007, a short blogpost on Valleywag, the Silicon Valley-vertical of Gawker Media, outed PayPal founder and billionaire investor Peter Thiel as gay. Thiel's sexuality had been known to close friends and family, but he didn't consider himself a public figure, and believed the information was private. This post would be the casus belli for a meticulously plotted conspiracy that would end nearly a decade later with a $140 million dollar judgment against Gawker, its bankruptcy and with Nick Denton, Gawker's CEO and founder, out of a job. Only later would the world learn that Gawker's demise was not incidental--it had been masterminded by Thiel.
  • A look at Jeff Bezos' D.C. Estate - Daily Beat — Bezos paid $23 million for the 27,000-square-foot mansion at 2320-2330 S Street NW in 2016. Neighbors in the upscale Kalorama neighborhood include President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, with Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump also right around the corner. Bezos’s home was formerly the Textile Museum. He immediately undertook a $12 million renovation, which turned the mansion into an estate.
  • Peter Thiel Buys $13 Million DC Mansion in Year's Top Sale: Report — No longer an open secret among neighbors, Peter Thiel was revealed as the "mystery buyer" of a $13 million mansion in Washington, D.C. in Monday's edition of Politico Playbook. Thiel, a tech billionaire and the co-founder of PayPal, made the district's biggest home purchase of the last 12 months by using an LLC to buy it from Wilbur Ross, the former Trump commerce secretary, according to Politico. The lavish home is located in Washington's ritzy Woodland-Nofmanstone neighborhood. Notable residents include former Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, former Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, and former Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker, who lives just across the street from Thiel's new property, according to Playbook.