Episode 77



10 January 2022

1 hr 1 min 25 secs

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About this Episode

✓ Ko je zaslužan za popularnost podkastinga?
✓ Koja je razlika između lisica i ježeva?
✓ Kome verovati?

Episode Links

  • The Complete History of Podcasts | Voices — The first iPod debuted in 2001. A few years later, in 2004, former MTV VJ Adam Curry and software developer Dave Winer devised a plan that would enable them to download online radio broadcasts from the internet directly to Apple’s revolutionary device. Winer had authored an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) aggregator software, and Curry coded a program titled iPodder, which could extract audio files from an RSS feed so that they could be transferred to an iPod. For once, radio broadcast files could be stored on a portable player and listened to on the go.
  • The Talk Show With John Gruber on Apple Podcasts — The director’s commentary track for Daring Fireball. Long digressions on Apple, technology, design, movies, and more.
  • The Joe Rogan Experience | Podcast on Spotify — The official podcast of comedian Joe Rogan. Follow The Joe Rogan Clips show page for some of the best moments from the episodes.
  • The Cactus and the Weasel — The phrase, strong views, weakly held, has crossed my radar multiple times in the last few months. I didn’t think much about it when I first heard it, beyond noting that it seemed to be almost a tautological piece of good advice. Thinking some more though, I realized two things: the phrase neatly characterizes the first member of my favorite pair of archetypes, the the hedgehog and the fox, and that I am actually much better described by the inverse statement, which describes foxes: weak views, strongly held.
  • Niall Ferguson on Why We Study History (Ep. 128) | Conversations with Tyler — We don’t study the past for its own sake.